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Heli Biking Whistler 2004

Heli Biking Whistler 2004

It seemed rude not to have a go at heli biking whilst in Whistler, Blackcomb helicopters took four of us up to the top of Rainbow for $90 canadian.Len and Chantel managed to loose the kids for the day and we head North on highway 99 a short way to the heli pad and sign away our lives on the various waver forms. 

A 10 minute ride

 sees us arrive on an expanse of snow at 7500ft, we take in the view and wait for the bikes to come up, suspended on a sling a 100ft below the heli, some precision flying dumps them on the snow, directed in by Kira.

We locate the singletrack, take some pictures and start our 3 hour ride down to Rainbow / Lost Lake.We are above the trees at this altitude but soon we are heading into classic alpine scenery.

As we descend the tree cover thickens and the sunlight struggles to light the path ahead, we are on tight steep dusty singletrack with a covering of pine needles, the riding is as fast as you can make it, twisting and turning through the trees, braking into tight corners, dropping your body weight into the turn, releasing the brakes and accelerating down to the next turn.

I overshoot the trail and head for the bushes, just about staying up right, getting going again on the steep loose surface presents its own problems.We stop to re group and a quick breather, I take some pictures as the others ride through before heading off in hot pursuit.

The trail becomes loose and rockier, the speed increases, a left turn sees us into a tight gully pedals clattering the side, I want to get down it clean but soon disappear in a cloud of dust as I fail, Kira follows a short time later, cleans the section and pops out at the bottom with a smirk.

The gradient lessens and the track opens up before we pop out on the road.


short tarmac section leading to the lakeshore and its into the cool water to wash away the dust of the last 3 hours

Beer me, beer me now!