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Whistler Bike Park

Whistler Bike Park

Len Black getting set for a day in the park, beat him to the bar and he might just let you buy the first round.

The bike park has been open for a few years now and offers huge potential for fun or injury.

Whistler lies 2 hours north of Vancouver and the park makes use of the winter ski lifts to uplift hundreds of riders a day throughout the summer season.

Len Black

There's over 200 kilometers of trails to ride from beginner stuff to experts only, body armour is highly recommended and its not just for show.Wipe outs are a daily occurrence, collar bones, ankles and shoulder injuries seem to be popular with the occasional more serious incidents, I was involved in a heli evac on No Joke in 2004 when rider on only the second day of his road trip went over the bars and wiped out in front of his mates.He was placed on a back board and walked out of the trail before the heli landed and whisked him off to the clinic.

Opening at 10 in the morning and closing at 5.00 there is more than enough time to wear yourself out, despite not having to push those pedals up the hill.

Try riding No Joke from the top of the Garbonzo lift multiple times in a day and you get a good workout, with a 1000m of descending over 10K

Riding the Wall

Day done, cart yourself off to the GLC bar to blow the froth of a few cold ones and deliberate how much better your going to be tomorrow.

Kira Cailes – stylin

Dixon Black, 8 years old and getting better

Len stylin a rock drop

A line rock drop