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Expedition Boating

by Daz Clarkson

Born in 1975 Daz has paddled around the world, including Pakistan, Morocco, France, Italy, Nepal, Switzerland, Norway and Canada, this year see's him journeying to Tibet and tackling the Grand Canyon of the Stikine.

If you want to read more then try Daz's first book, Riding the Tears of Everest, published by Urban Fox Press 0789 776759.


1.      Stay happy, even when things go tits up. The expedition was something you wanted to do. The next time you are in a one horse town remember you could be stuck in rush hour traffic and then home for Eastenders!

2.      Plan,plan,plan, then forget the plan.

3.      Either be with good friends or solo, don't go into the unknown with people you don't know or respect.

4.      Be safe. Reckless fools don't die as a hero.

5.      Use a boat you know, treat it well, you don't want it to break on you.

6.      Just because you call it an expedition, doesn't not negate the fact, it is still a holiday.

7.      Money is no object unless you don't have any.

8.      Travel light, use things for more than one purpose, splits can be used to dig a toilet. Helmet without holes can be used to drink from. River knife is also camp knife.

9.      Don't think that you will loose weight on expedition, this is a falsehood.

10.  Use equipment you trust and not because a salesman tells you its good.