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YCC Extreme Race

After a season on dry rivers and cries of when is it going to rain the first YCC Extreme race was party to the highest conditions any of us had seen on the Upper Tees.

Organiser X Pres colluded with colleagues and hastily revised his original grand master plan and broke the river down into sections on which to run the heats, 4 boats per heat.

The racing was unforgiving with boats and blades clashing in the fast water conditions, Nice Guy Tony endorsed his new handle by easing up at the finish on the second leg, giving PK the opportunity of taking the glory.

By the time we reached the S bends, a rapid we are all familiar with the river had risen again since earlier inspection and the bold line straight down the centre was looking pretty unappealing, a severe beating could ensue if anyone had got it a bit pete tong here.  After inspection it was agreed that rather than run it as a group race of 6 it would be prudent to run it in normal river running style to make sure everyone got down in one piece, there was only one entry line and straying off it would mean a big beating for the unfortunate soul.

PK led our group down in what I can only describe as big water conditions, check out the photo of Nice Guy Tony, disappearing into the white stuff, thats a big boat and he’s no pie eater, Lyndon got tickled half way down but avoided the role, whilst Molly pushed too far left and took her ticket for a rough ride down.

Thanks to X Pres for organising, H for scoring and results, Badger for pictures and everyone for putting safety on

PK on line

PK, looking where he wants to go rather than the sky

Pipesy at a jaunty angle

Lyndon powers through

Indian getting a face full

Ooooo that left shoulder is high

Tickle on line

Nice Guy Tony

NGT subbing out

Molly starting to go squirrely

For more pictures and some video clips, thanks to Sean: