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Build n Huck

When there are no hills around…………….build one…

As part of the York River Festival Jon approached the council and this is the result, good skills, who cares if Jo Public turns up, we had a hoot.

A surprinsingly soft landing awaits, land it flat and the speed with which you land takes the power out of the impact, don’t overrotate tho, as part of a scientifically controlled experiment I leant forward as I left the ramp, the nose dug in on landing and flipped the boat double quick, result: instant headache.

We’re pumping water down the boards as the boats are at melting point by the bottom of the ramp

Driller demonstrates the ideal landing postion with his body forward to drop the nose and let his ample ass take the impact, landing with the body upright could see the impact working through your back.

Lyndon unwinds his upper body causing the boat to rotate after him

Roy was surprised to learn that this was the flight path he should be on.

Jon disappeared from sight on landing this one.

Thanks to Christian for this pic