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Supersize me! The Tees.

We knew it had been raining it was just a question of where, passing over the Swale on the A1, ditch low, the Greta on the A66, you could walk down it, Abbey rapids on the Middle Tees looked interesting, Bowlees Beck was certainly flowing, The Tees was almost out of its banks, huge.

We paddled with James Farquharson who had given a talk on his recent trip to Taiwan the night before

The S Bends were unrecognisable, even higher that when we had the extreme race earlier on in the year, the normal route didn’t exist, in fact no sign of the normal route down was evident, rather than any drops that are normally a feature it was just one gradient rapid littered with holes and swirly stuff, a line straight down the middle proved to be the prudent way of getting to the bottom.

Muppet, thats by name rather than a description of paddling ability

Becky on her third roll

Sarah hit the top of the eddy

Below Low force there is usally little of interest however there are a couple of river wide ledges that could provide some entertainment with this much water flowing, James dropped down and I saw Muppet in a CFS, Lew in his Jefe and Sarah in the CR all getting worked in the same hole, time to take an alternative route, as I dropped down Sarah’s head popped up in front of my boat and the Jefe was at a jaunty angle, Lew’s deck having imploded will provided endless hours of debate, swim or no swim, either way James picked himself up from laughing and lined him into the side.