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The day we broke Driller – almost!

19 riders dusted off their hangovers and hit the trail at Penmachno early Saturday morning.

First and best blood of the day fell to Driller, hammering through a single track section he lost it on a left hander, nose wheeling for a short stretch before the front wheel dropped to the edge of the trail, stopped dead, ripping the tyre off the rim and firing him over the bars.

Landing head first he managed to prove that a head can stop you just as well as a set of Hope Mini’s.  The helmet saved him from worse but a cut over his eye caused by his sunglasses was soon cleaned and declared as a mere flesh wound.

The ankle on the other hand was more severe, deeper, messier and open revealing stuff we are not supposed to see, cleaned and bandaged we continued at a slightly more sedate pace.

Driller went off to A & E for an expert opinion, declaring he will never play the piano again Dr Bob released him from care with stitches and a prescription of pain soothing John Smiths, which we were only too happy to administer…..