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Riding with the locals

Away from the bike park that makes Whistler so famous lie a wealth of trails just waiting to be explored, if you get to know some of the locals you get the benefit of riding the best trails without the hastle of route finding.

Locals earlier this summer

If you bump into these two in the line up for the bike park you can buy a beer for the old guy and a glass of coke for the young un. Father and son combo are quick, Dixon riding in the park for the first time since recovering from a broken arm took himself steadily down the hill for his first run, then smoked it the rest of the day, this kid spends so much time int he air he should have a pilots licence.

Wild Bill, north of Pemberton did actually take a bit of finding, what a blast

It was Len’s birthday, so we went riding, Khyber pass from the top of Whistler mountain, from a shade over 7,000 feet to the valley floor

No visit to Whistler would be complete without a ride in the Chilcotins.

And of all the riding I have done here, this is the one, this stands out, it’s that good, I have no idea how far it is in terms of miles, but you start riding from where this picture was taken and you stop riding when you get to the ocean, Disneyland, better than a day in a theme park!