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If Carlsberg did Weekends….

they would probably be like this.

With rain forecast for Friday evening and Saturday we hoped there would be water around.  I rang the Conwy guage, it was on 1500 about 9pm Friday but by 6 the following morning it was well over 2000…. so it had been raining then!

Driving up the 470 towards Betws it was apparent that it had been humping it down overnight.  Meeting up with Daz, Stevie and Vic at Cotswolds, Daz reckond the Nantygwyryd would be running, and it was.

Driving up from Capel we soon drove into cloud and visability dropped hence the dodgy misty pictures.

Daz sliding through the gloom

Most portage, I did.

We reckoned the Ogwen would be up so we popped up the road and had a look, sure enough the gun barrel was tonking along, I have to confess to having the heeby jeebies at this point having messed up last time here, being far too casual and getting caught in the top hole, with no way out in the boat, I pulled my deck and swum the gun barrel, not very pleasant to be honest.

As it turned out this time, it was Stevie’s turn to get licked, back looped in his new Mamba he took his ticket.

Vic heading into Fishermans Gorge for the first time, 2K of GIV, one of the best stretches of water in the country.

With the rain stopping overnight we anticipated a bit of a drive round in search of water but a glance up at the hill sides revealed plenty of water flowing off the hills, so the Cwm Llan it was.  Ted stopped off on the way down south and the sun shone all day.

The 45 minute walk up took about 45 minutes but with the sun shining I can think of worse places to be on a Sunday