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TFI Friday

I closed the guide book quickly, sometimes the guide books can be superfluous, this was such an occassion.  Stevie looked over asking what the guidebook said, “you don’t want to know” I replied.  Daz assured us that it was all good!

The entry in the guide book is short, with the initial river description described as audacious, steep could be another word to describe it.  The Cwm Mynach was going to provide the mornings entertainment, and it delivered in spades.  Running everything on Daz’s descriptions we were assured that gravity always wins.  Definitely the sort of run were you want someone who has done it before with you.  Any guide couldn’t do it justice and you would be hard pushed to remember anything you had read about it.  Inspect as you go.

The Croesor kept us busy in the afternoon, if anything it’s entry in the guide is shorter than than the Mynach’s, described as heading downhill at an alarming rate and it does!  Tree infested ditch is another way of giving you an idea of what to expect, its brilliant.

The biggest drop on the Croesor, portaged by most, paddled by some, Daz made the line and clocked up some air miles on the way down.

Described as a bit of an S bend, Daz omitted to mention it was situated on a bit of a drop.

thanks to Vic for this picture