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Fionn’s Big Day Out

Fionn woke, bleary eyed, yawn, brilliant its Saturday, a lie in, he stretched and rolled over. There was an almighty thump and suddenly Fionn was wide awake, what was going on, 7.00 OCLOCK, BUT ITS SATURDAY he protested, what was Orna doing getting him up so early on a Saturday morning, Bah! He spat out. […]


One Step Beyond

Pain, drained, numb, dry, arid, desperate, living at the edge, barren, wasted, mind games, thoughts of the past and future, devils on the shoulder, monkey mind, plodding, plodding, muscles tight, the beaten down, hopeless, hungry, despair.  Ankle deep in human faeces we load the last jeep in Beni hoping to get out of town before […]


Rock, Paper, Scissors

How do you decide who is going to run a rapid first? I am sat in an eddy playing, rock, paper, scissors with Driller, it seems to be a sensible way of working out who is going to run the penultimate drop on the Gronda, falling onto rock, this is a must make boof. To […]