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Catarata Poza Azul

Leave your camera with native Costa Rican and this is the sort of shot you can expect to find on your memory card when you return.

Luckily Juan Carlos also took some pictures of us falling off the Catarata Poza Azul, the blue pool waterfall! The Poza Azul is a trib of the Lower Sarapiqui. We hooked up with a local who showed us how to get to the fall through the forest. Parking the car at the local farm, paying 5,000 colones, thats around a fiver, give or take, for parking and security fees.Booked at 27 feet the fall is as straight forward flat to flat drop as you are likely to find, although according to the Chasing Jaguars guidebook, it has a reputation for hurting people, we were about to find out………….Walking in for 15 minutes to the base of the falls, it looked good to go, we took the boats to the top, lowering them down on ropes to a narrow ledge river right, just above the lip of the falls. Clipping the boats to a convenient tree we all looked at the lip of the fall and saw our line, keeping an obvious rooster to our left would see us on the green tongue projecting us out furthest from the base of the fall.Sliding in, a couple of upstream strokes, turning and set the line, before tucking and ducking and freefall.

Becks sat up a little just before impact, punched herself in the eye as she touched down giving herself a cut and bruise to be proud of

Rich droppin in

Thanks to JC for taking pictures