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The Rain in Spain

is wet, just like back home, so much for a week in the sun, landing at Malaga after flying from Liverpool, the pilot must have taken a wrong turn, surely! Grey sky and rain, this is not what we had paid up for.  Thankfully we were signed up for an uplift week with Freeridespain.

Run by Simon and Emma for over six years Freeridespain offers a variety of trips to suite most riders palet in the Sierra Nevada mountains just a short drive from Malaga airport and an even shorter drive from Granada.  After assembling the bikes we are dropped off at our accomodation for the week.

With stunning views across the valley….. when it’s not chucking it down

With low temperatures and rain forecast we head over to Granada for our first full day of riding with Emma shuttling us to the top for multiple runs.

A spot of trail maintenance and building

When it did stop raining we hit the usual sunny dry trails and witnessed some of the damage the recent weather had caused.

We had ridden this trail only a couple of days earlier, the landslip now evident after two more days of rain.

The small village of Lujar lies south of our base, we shuttle close to the turbine lined ridge, finishing off the climb when the trail gets too much for the van.

The Lujar Loop is one of the classics of the area, perfect single track, buff, loose, rock strewn, cobbles, swithcbacks, it has it all.

“Brutus for men” drops us back into Lanjaron, steep, technical, cobbles, enough to test the best suspension and get those arms pumped from braking, steering and hanging on.

Facebreaker, directly above Lanjaron, a good warm up to begin the day, a warm down to finish the day and one hell of a night ride, we took our lights and had to wait till the last night for near perfect conditions to ride 800m down linking into the Orgiva ride in about 45 minutes.

Views like this can only mean …………….

Trails like these…….

If you want to ride trails like these and more besides then get in touch with Simon at Freeridespain and get your flight booked.