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What’s the worst that can happen?

A sunny day in the Mendips provides our Saturday entertainment, riding from Sal's soon has us climbing up into the hills before hitting the first of many sections of sweet singletrack.

The dry conditions that have kept us out of our boats have left the trails in perfect condition, I last rode the trail below in the depths of winter, with knee deep mud in sections, having been churned up by horses, with promises of   " this is awesome in the dry"…. you'll have to come back….. for once Driller was right.

From here it was all downhill, steady away singletrack to attack and ride as fast as you can, quality, this is why we ride!

Stevie dropping into the last down before the pub and a few pints of well earned Gem

Next day saw us on the uplift at Cwmdown, as you can see a blue sky day, scorching hot, I'm having a few issues with pictures from this day, so there's only these to show.  I'll try and work with the tame web monkey to resolve but in the meantime if you scroll down you can see just what the worst thing that can happen could actually be….. on a borrowed bike, Stevie is one lucky boy, a few yards later and it would have been liquids through a straw for a few weeks…….

So what has attracted all the interest??

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…..

As Stevie pulled on the bars, pedalling the last flat section before 'dropping in,' they just came off in his hand.  Closer examination revealed clean and tarnished sections on the steerer indicating the crack had been there some time, just waiting for an opportune moment to break clean off, the run before this happened saw Driller, Stevie and I pinning it downhill a few bike lengths apart, it could have been real messy.

Which only left us with one more thing to do……