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by Jason,

With their Italy trip down the pan due to this years low water levels in Val Sesia, the boys set their sights on the more obscure and further north, just south of the arctic circle, Iceland.

5 things to know:

1. However long you go for, it won't be long enough. Ten days for us, make sure you take good footwear – you'll do alot of walking, inspecting, searching for falls, teased by nature until eventually it pays off.

2. Get in touch with Mark Hirst at

3. You need a 4×4 – we broke our heavily overloaded 7 seater 2 wheel drive, on day one, we got lucky as the only replacement vehicle was a 4×4, it made the trip so much easier as the majority of the roads are single track gravel.

4. Wild Camping is illegal in the national park, we wild camped – a lot! Caught once with a fine to pay as a result!  Food was variations of pasta and rice, supplimented by any peppers onions, meat, anything that could be bought cheap.  Alcohol is virtually impossible to buy and is apparently expensive.

5. It doesn't get dark which takes some getting used to, messes with your body clock, it also turns out to be a bit of a luxury too, as you don't run out of daylight when inspecting, we ran our first fall at 5 in the morning after landing and driving straight to Faxifoss a couple of hours from the airport.


 Cast; in no particular order, Jason, Sam, Matty, Dean and Miles

Words by Jason, pictures by Sam and Matty.