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The dumbing down of the river

I have seen the debates on forums calling for the re design of the grading system. A lot of the people who contribute to such discussions are experienced paddlers of many years. People who, I would suggest, understand the variances of white water, different conditions and that an alpine grade 4 is somewhat different to […]


Le Mans 2012

Back in the day I read a test on one of the bike magazines on the at the time new Suzuki bandit and a BMW, the exact model erased from my mind.  The test was riding the bikes back from Spain after using the ferry to get there.  The riders didn't stop the bikes, hot […]



Its 7.00am on the 4th of August at Whitehaven harbour, the bike is ready, not sure if I am, only the day ahead will tell, I have been putting in the miles, but road riding is not my cup of T. If you want to support me and the air ambulance then please use the […]