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Descend Hamsterley

The weather forecast wasn’t for blizzards, but thats what we got as we chomped our way through our butties of choice at Scotch Corner, full on, white out blizzard.  Its been four or so years since I visited Hamsterley. Why, why, why have I left it so long, other stuff to do I guess but its not going to be another four years before I go again.

Thankfully the blizzard abated and we had a cracking day in the sunshine, Hamsterley has some of the steepest trails I’ve ridden, technical gnarly and steep, love it.

I think Lilah dog would be good at downhill, but trust me you don’t want to be on a bike around her, she just see’s a bike as a moving target to be taken down and there is enough to contend with on the trails without a staffy shaped blur adding to the carnage.

I binned it twice and its fair to say I don’t bounce as well as I used to, thankfully body armour saves the day and most of the injury potential.



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