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Project Z

Projext X has been on standby for a while now but today I received all the papers back from customs that should allow the allocation of an age related plate.  Thats been a bit of a headache to be fair and i didnt wnat to commit funds until I was certain that the papers were in order. However, other projects have been in the pipeline.

Project Z – year 27, ordered from Steve Harris at the NEC bike show in 1987, collected a month later , it’s had various schemes over the years, this is the curent interpretation of a Magnum 1.

Z9 bottom end, 1015 barrels, taken to 1075, Debben gas flowed head, it moves along quite nicley, not quick by any standards but fun to ride.   IMG_4431Pillion pegs removed, new single plates took a few hours of filing, new seat cover courtesy of Ryedale Upholstery in Elvington, York, give James a call for details of what he can do, 01904 608600.IMG_4449A new loom this year, huge thanks to Jim, my previous 20 odd year old loom was beginning to show its age with a  couple of minor faults last year, new Dyna coils supply big fat sparks and the addition of a venhill quick action throttle ensures good pickup.

IMG_4391A good few hours of toil and few beers later results in some life being wired into the old girl.IMG_4393By last year the standard steel and chrome exhaust had just about given up the ghost, too many welds holding the ageing system together, Exhaust craft in Whitehaven supplied headers, collates, collector and silencer, with a link pipe to be mated to the frame, finished off by Barry at Blue Haze Enginnering just outside York, period looking, in stainless, sorted.IMG_4465IMG_4435Ignition now moved to underneath the electrics tray supplies power on the first click with lights being added on the second, switchgear has been parred down to a minimum.IMG_4468 IMG_4477 IMG_4481 WP shock keeps the back end in check.IMG_4440Floating rear lockheed passes the MOT and can be used to calm things down if it gets a bit out of shape, to be fair rarely used, the standard GPZ9 calipers are more than adequate to bring things to a halt, mated to forks from the same, 38mm air assisted with anti dive, state of the art back then, now with anti dive units junked and some additional preload added by inserting some old engine shims on top of the fork springs the front end with its 16 inch wheel is almost from the ark, tempted as I am to update I just can’t see the point, its an old skool Kawasaki. Job Done!