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Spa Classic 2016

In the hills of the Belgium Ardennes lies the circuit of Spa Francorchamps.  Designed in 1920, hosting its first race in 1922.  The first race had been scheduled in 1921 but with only one entrant the race was cancelled.  Thankfully the number of people wanting to thrash their vehicles round the circuit have increased.  As is evident from the size of the paddock at this years classic meeting.

Meeting Sean early Friday morning just off the A10, three of us point the bikes to Brussels, Liege then Malmedy, successfully dodging the worst of the weather it seems, we encounter no more than wet roads.  Talking to others over the weekend it seems like we avoided some big downpours.

Our intended campsite under the cover of the trees had to be ditched due to a washed out track heading up into the woods.  The relative comfort of the car park beckoned, but it was dry, flat and your didn’t need a motocrosser to access!

Stocked up on snacks and wine, we headed to the circuit Friday evening for a walk around the pits, access all areas, brilliant.

A sublime Laverda V6, in its natural colours

IMG_8388 IMG_8391

Classic V twin, tick!

IMG_8400 IMG_8407

Moto Martin’s, similar to a Harris, but not as good….

IMG_8411 IMG_8421 IMG_8423

Not never seen this type of fuel gauge before

IMG_8425 IMG_8446

I love a good working bodge


GPz900 alternator, piggy backed onto a GS thou block running off the end of the gearbox output, trick

IMG_8456 IMG_8470 IMG_8477 IMG_8479

Phase one P&M Suzuki, spick and span

IMG_8501 IMG_8502

Stunning Harris F1

IMG_8507 IMG_8509 IMG_8512 IMG_8527 IMG_8530

1976 Bol d Or factory Kawasaki, stunning, complex narrow tubed frame

IMG_8545 IMG_8562 IMG_8563

Brembo master cylinder with integral reservoir, want one, with Ohlins bling and superbly crafted rearsets, neat as neat can be

IMG_8564 IMG_8573 IMG_8587 IMG_8600