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The opportunity to own an iconic bike doesn’t always present itself on a daily basis.  Especially when the bike in question is a “proper” Jota with a 180 degree firing order. This one has been sat for getting on for 26 years in a garage, luckily the decay doesn’t run too deep and with some TLC this one is going to back where it belongs, no not on the streets of Italy, Gods own County, Yorkshire.

It’s not mine, whilst I appreciate the orange beast of a Laverda, I am too much of a heathen to appreciate it’s finer qualities, I just like my big Japanses 4s.  When James got the phone call alerting him to the bike he cast his mind back to his yoof and realised that he knew this bike back in the day and contacted the then owner for some history.  He’s going to restore this back to its former glory and I am sure will improve in some areas, if only for reliability!


Cast iron discs, rsuty but recoverable, calipers have already been overhauled.


Italian electrics have always had something of a fickle reputation and looking at this it’s easy to see why, James initially thought someone had wired, well bodged in some household connectors, enquiries reveal, “they all come like that sir”IMG_8615 IMG_8616 IMG_8617 IMG_8618

Rear shocks will be re built


The engine is in bits already and a couple of fixes have already been applied with correct helicoil inserts now replacing damaged threadsIMG_8620 IMG_8621 IMG_8622 IMG_8623 IMG_8624

I can’t wait to hear and see this bad boy, there’s something about that triple and the 180 firing order, unique.