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Project x – part two

Its been a while since part 1 of project x, but I have been busy with other things.

Ducati 750ss front end has been grafted in with a new steerer and bearings.  GSXR750 clip ons happen to be the correct diameter and I happened to have a set lying around


The original intention was to monoshock this, but, speaking to Barry Dawson, who knows a thing or two about chassis mods I concluded that it would be simpler and cheaper to retain twin shocks.  Taking a frame to the breakers revealed a GSXR400 swing arm fitted the bill, pretty much the same dimensions and narrow enough to slot in the frame with no more modification than boring out the pivot points.  Barry cut out the standard monoshock mounts on the swinger and boxed in the hole, and I think we can agree, seamless!


Barry removed any unnecessary brackets, centre stand, indicators and rear footrests, the footrest mounts also provide the mounting for the exhausts, as it happens there is an exhaust mount on these R6 footrests that fits the bill, pretty much perfectly, a small bracket welded onto the frame on the other side takes care of the left hand pipe.  One of Barry’s neat touches is the flat welded onto the frame to retain the swing arm pivot.  The bosses to mount the footrest were positioned from a few minutes of me sat on the bike and Barry moving the mountings to a comfortable place.



The Ducati front end allows me to run some up to date braking, Brembo Goldlines, that will do nicely



Higgspeed expansions are the order of the day, Dave provides a custom fit to bikes that have been chopped around at no extra cost, result.  Stainless steel, lightweight, shiny and spangly, looking forward to hearing these fire up at some point.

I happened upon a pair of Ohlins rear shocks, well it would be rude not too really.  Barry has welded on shock mounts, time will tell whether we have the shocks angled at something like, giving a comfortable ride.

Underslung rear brembo should held control things at the back.  That rear wheel took some fitting, the bearing housing had to be machined to accommodate a bearing that would mate up the Suzuki swing arm and spindle to a Ductai wheel.  The cush drive has been machined heavily and we are down to a 520 chain the get the clearances needed