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Back to BC

Its been a while since I rode in BC and I reckoned 2019 was about the kinda time I pulled my finger out and booked a ticket. I’ve not ridden downhill since the last trip to Les Arcs in 2015, too long, figured I had better do it while I stand a reasonable chance of bouncing.

There’s been a lot of investment in trails, both in the park and in Squamish. Whistler now has a chair to the top of the mountain with a limited number of daily tickets, the views and ride are stunning.

The lower mountain has more trails, some of the old ones have gone, some of the favourites are still there and there is a host of new trails. Crack addict, in the new PC era has been renamed pulp fiction, its still insanely steep and rooty, no change there then. Although goats gully makes it look flat, quite possibly the hardest, steepest, most technical trail I have ever ridden, I cleaned some stuff and bailed a few times, would love to session a couple of sections, in the dry, with people around, just in case, riding by yourself prompts a degree of self preservation.

Its that steep the sign is horizontal

There’s trails down to Creekside now, elixir into earth circus, steep bermy, fast as your dare. The weather socked in some of the trails and lifts whilst I was there creating some big que’s at the Fitzsimmons lift, the park is more popular than ever and is still regarded as the bench mark in downhilling, so many accents and languages waiting for the next chair. Original sin, Upper no joke, no joke and I think my favourite of the trip on this occasion, upper angry pirate, o to have a trail like that in the uk!

Dropping into Man boobs

The Squish trails are detailed on the trail forks app, things have changed since picking up trail maps at the local bike shop or interrogating the locals. Interrogating the local still happens of course, you need to get the best bang for your buck and only a local can tell you the best trails to ride in the limited time frame of a trip. Squish riding could best be described as rooty, gnarly, slippy, rocky, grippy, steep, BC riding at its best, credit line, Rupert, half nelson, pseudo tsuga, crouching squirrel hidden monkey, I didn’t even scratch the surface

Credit line

There’s other stuff to do too…..

The unexpected ride of the trip was to hit Fromme, North Shore, Vancouver, we took the boy to the vets, but missed the appointment, so..

George dog
Digger – Leg end

You just never know who you are going to run into, as far as I was concerned this was a red neck driving a truck, until I heard Kira pipe up, “hey Digger, how’s it going?” I quickly realised who this was, pretty much to founder and creator of north shore.

You don’t just ride the trail on Fromme, you ride the mountain, the atmosphere, this is the third time I’ve been here and the best. To see the mountain in the mist and cloud, these are the places we saw in the magazines, back in the day, built trails from cedar, log rides and decking. We didn’t ride any skinnies, way too wet and slick, but we hit a couple of wooden structures between the loamy and built sections, these trails take some hammer, from the riders and weather, it rains, a lot, sections open to erosion are hard packed, cobbled, the time and effort put into construction is quite something.

The last ride gets its own piece, but any excuse to use a picture with Howe sound in the background!

Howe sound from sea level