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Control, Alt, Del……

The recent trip to Scotland turned out to be a bit of a break through trip, if only in the mind, I hope it continues. The madness of the last 18 months or so has affected us all, to a greater or lesser extent. Our wings were clipped, our boundaries reduced, suddenly everything has changed. […]


H+I Highland Odyssey

This trip started out as the Coast to Coast trip, but that fell over earlier in the year due to travel restrictions and making the trip numbers. Even though this was not the trip I originally booked it did not disappoint, quite the opposite to be fair. Earlier in the year I had been researching […]


Sligachan, Isle of Skye

A ferry journey is always a good start to a day, we are on an early crossing from Mallaig over to Skye. A short drive and we exit the van to getting on for gale force winds, its breezy, to say the least. The track is in great condition, but worth noting the trails we […]