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H+I Highland Odyssey

This trip started out as the Coast to Coast trip, but that fell over earlier in the year due to travel restrictions and making the trip numbers. Even though this was not the trip I originally booked it did not disappoint, quite the opposite to be fair. Earlier in the year I had been researching […]


Sligachan, Isle of Skye

A ferry journey is always a good start to a day, we are on an early crossing from Mallaig over to Skye. A short drive and we exit the van to getting on for gale force winds, its breezy, to say the least. The track is in great condition, but worth noting the trails we […]


Wetter than an otter’s pocket

Starting in Kenmore we are heading to Applecross, its been raining, it is raining, it’s wet and pretty soon, so are we. We climb into the gloom, did I mention it was raining? No pictures on the way up, did I mention it was raining? Rivers are up, this is one of those days when […]


In search of the weather window

Riding straight from our hotel we warm up on a road ride alongside the river A’Ghairbhe before turning off at Loch Clair. We switch to double track passing rapids and waterfalls through the Coulin estate, the climbing really starts, steep, technical singletrack, I walk the first few hundred yards… As the gradient eases off most […]


Push ups for Jordie If nothing else, check out the move at 1.34 in the link, it will melt your brains. Jordie Lunn, leg end. Biking with your buddies is important, its been a while since we’ve been over the Wales for some biking and beers, so we thought we had better set the record straight, so that’s […]


The Last Ride

The last riding day in BC dawns cool, bright and sunny, perfect for a morning out on some local trails. A truck shuttle thanks to D’Arcy drops us at around 900m overlooking Howe Sound, always a good backdrop to any ride. At this height cool is now cold but a short pedal up and across […]


Back to BC

Its been a while since I rode in BC and I reckoned 2019 was about the kinda time I pulled my finger out and booked a ticket. I’ve not ridden downhill since the last trip to Les Arcs in 2015, too long, figured I had better do it while I stand a reasonable chance of […]


Top of the World

I was last in Whistler in 2007 and we rode off the top off Whistler mountain down Khyber pass to celebrate Len’s birthday. Back then we had to shuttle to the top in a truck, but now, there’s a lift to the top. I arrive the last weekend top of the world is open to […]


Trail Addiction

A drive through the night see’s us arrive in Bourg St Maurice with rain threatening, pretty soon its not just threatening, its pouring down, it doesn’t take much thought process not to ride but wait the weather out for the next few days when the forecast looks much better. Our wait is rewarded on Sunday […]


Will everybody stop crashing

With a trip to the Alps approaching we thought it would be a good idea to get our eye in, an uplift weekend, Cwm Down and Forest of Dean, things didn’t go according to plan with a couple of big offs, a dislocated shoulder and a trashed leg.  Here are some pictures of two that […]

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