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The best part of my day

The best part of my day has gone. The best part of any of my days for the last 8 years has been getting home to be greeted by a little dog, Lilah dog. There was a ritual, followed on most occasions . It used to vary, depending on how long I been gone, but […]


Le Mans cars

As I reach the A1 I catch sight in my mirror of my fleece pocket, unzipped.  A quick check confirms my worst fear, my wallet is roadside, somewhere between the petrol station and the A1, 9 miles! Arse. Spinning the bike round I re trace my route checking the verge, I want to go quick […]


Brigg Bomber

A quadrathlon seemed like a good idea at the time! A 1.5K swim, 7K kayak,34K bike ride and a 10K run to finish you off, Jon and I agreed to share the workload, him swimming n running and me filling in with the kayak and biking. Our times, 31.47. 59.40 1hr 15 and 51.56 Given […]


Injury Corner

Had an injury, tell us about it. Lets face it, doing what we do, its gona happen, sooner or later youre gona crock yourself and worst case scenario you find yourself fast tracking through triage at your local A&E.That said if you want to pay a visit to the cutting edge of the NHS you could […]